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DTX Alarm Transceiver

SigCom's DTX Series is a family of extremely versatile and cost effective Alarm Reporting/Command & Control Transceivers. The DTX may be configured to operate as a one-way radio transmitter, a two-way radio transceiver or a combination of both radio configurations and fiber-optic communications. The two-way configuration allows the system to be used for command/control functions that are well suited for industrial, institutional and military applications including Mass Notification Systems. Each means of communications is independent of the other, providing maximum reliability.

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  • One or Two-Way Radio
  • Four or Sixteen Supervised Initiation Circuits
  • Prioritized Alarm & Trouble Messages
  • Transmits 32 Different Event Types


  • Multi-Mode Fiber- Optic Transceiver
  • Serial Port for Data Communications with Intelligent Panels and Devices
  • 4 Command /Control Relays (Form C)
  • Mass Notification
  • Weatherproof Enclosure (NEMA 3R)
Zone Inputs:4 or 16
Zone Display:Alarm & Trouble per Zone
Serial Input:RS-232 or RS-485
96 Zones, 32 Functions, 999 Devices per Zone
Enclosure, Indoor:Sheet Metal NEMA 1
(14”h x 12”w x 6”d)
Enclosure, Outdoor:Cast Metal NEMA 3R
(21”h x16”w x 9 7/16”d)
Temperature Range:-40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65°C)
Radio Transmitter
Output Power:Narrowband FM Transmission
1 Watt (72 - 76 MHz)
4 Watts (138 - 170 MHz)
Fiber-Optic Interface
Fiber: 62.5/125 Micron, Multi-Mode
Light Sources:850 nm LED
Connectors:ST Type
Power Supply
Primary Power:120 VAC
DC Power:12 VDC
Battery:12 V, 7AH
Back Up:Minimum 72 hours with fully configured system
Up to 144 hours depending on configuration

The DTX is available with 4 or 16 supervised, dry contact inputs that can be used for zone alarm reporting and or other status reporting functions as needed per application requirements. There is also an additional input used for external, user operated alarm activation. The DTX can also interface with a serial port (RS-232 or RS-485) connection from a control panel. Zone input circuits and external switch contacts can be assigned with up to 32 different event types.

The relay option provides 4 relays with Form C contacts that can be programmed to operate by that DTX, by remote control from the Vision 21 System Processor (in a two-way system) or combinations of local and remote control. These relays can be programmed to operate upon receipt of a specific zone alarm and /or trouble event.

When used with our optional Mass Notification (Incident Reporting & Notification) software, the output relays can be used to activate live or pre-recorded voice communication to outdoor areas, specific buildings, groups of buildings or throughout an entire military complex, campus or industrial/institutional facility. Serial interfaces are also available for enhanced functionality in some applications.

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