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Motorist Aid Call Box

The Signal Communications User-Powered Call Box is a unique emergency transmitter designed to eliminate the high cost associated with batteries and wires of conventional emergency notification systems.

All SigCom User-Powered Call Boxes are constructed of cast aluminum to withstand prolonged exposure to corrosive elements. Each box is tested in temperatures from -30°F to 150°F. No fasteners are exposed to the outside, and the enclosure locks to the back plate with a cylindrical screw lock, making the housing vandal and weather resistant. An ice breaking feature is also integrally designed into the handle. The antenna cable and grounding strap are routed completely inside the mounting pole.

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  • Wireless Technology
  • Reliable FM Radio Communications
  • Simultaneous Functions Buttons
  • Mechanical Ice Breaking Device
  • No Battery or AC Power Required
  • Cables Contained within Mounting Pole
  • Modular Design
  • Automatic Tilt Alarm
  • Resistant to Severe Weather and Ice
  • Low Lifetime Costs
  • Faster and more Accurate than Voice
Type:Data, Narrowband FM Radio
Output:1.0 Watts Nominal
Frequency:72-76, 132-174 MHz
Range:Up to 20 Miles (more using repeaters)
Audible Pulsating Tone, LED
Temperature:-30°F to +150°F
-34°C to +65°C
Salt Spray Tested, Moisture Resistant, Anti-Fungus Coating
Material:Cast Aluminum
Dimensions:12W x 18H x 8.5
Weight:less than 50 lbs

The Signal Communications User-Powered Call Box operates simply and efficiently. Pull the handle, push the desired button(s) "Police”, "Ambulance”, "Service”, etc., release the handle and the energy stored in the mechanical module provides power to the radio transmitter. In approximately 1/2 a second the dispatch center will receive the transmission. Upon receipt of the transmission, a verification signal is returned to the activated Call Box, alerting the user that assistance is on the way.

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