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Rapid Response Software

Rapid Response is a comprehensive dispatching system that coordinates alarm messages with relational databases to provide extensive location and dispatch data. The program can be run independently or can be connected to the Vision 21 System Processor automatic call generation.

  • Windows based
  • Interfaces with Vision 21
  • Manual or automatic call generation
  • Equipment move up lists for dispatch
  • Procedures and updated equipment lists for alarm upgrades
  • Device information for addressable panels
  • Automatic status change logs
  • PrePlan, Block, Hydrant and Equipment databases
  • Graphics for each PrePlan
  • Emergency Response Guidebook
  • Maintains a daily activity file
  • Out of Service list

When an alarm is received from the Vision 21 System Processor, the program automatically prints the associated box, zone and location data and sounds an audible indicator to alert the dispatcher. Upon acknowledgement, an incident number is automatically assigned and a recommended dispatch list is displayed based on the alarm location and received message type. This list is supplemented with a move up list when equipment is unavailable as well as an updated dispatch list when the alarm is upgraded. Equipment can be assigned from the recommended list, a list of available equipment or the complete equipment list. The dispatcher can enter notes with a timestamp to be saved with each call.

Additionally, the dispatcher has quick access to the preplan database that contains detailed information about the location, structure, protection, devices, contacts and onsite hazardous materials, as well as a graphic image. Rapid Response includes a block database for common location and dispatch information shared by a group of preplans, a hydrant database and an equipment database. Entering data is simplified by allowing data to be copied from one record to another. Also available is one click access to an electronic copy of the Canutec Emergency Response Guidebook.

Rapid Response allows the dispatcher to maintain an Out of Service list for boxes being tested or serviced. The program issues periodic reminders to help prevent boxes from being inadvertently left on the list.

All program actions and changes in status are logged to a log file for later reference and archiving. The log file can be searched, saved and printed.

Windows XP or newer
Pentium III, 350 MHz
128 MB Ram
20 MB free disk space
RS-232 Serial port (for Vision 21 connection)


Sound Card
Continuous paper feed printer
Single sheet feed printer

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