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AU360 Series Amplifier Modules

The AU-360 Series amplifier module consists of a high quality audio amplifier with state-of-the-art protection circuitry, an integral tone generator, ruggedized power regulation, interface circuitry for connection to a UL Listed Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) and an optional preamplifier and microphone (-EM models).

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  • Online Certifications Directory
  • Online Certifications Directory

  • 20 Watts / 40 Watts Models
  • 25 VRMS / 70 VRMS
  • Listed for use with any FACP
  • Built-in Tone Generator
  • Fully supervised by FACP
  • Fault protection
  • Power limited speaker loop
  • Battery Saver mode
Output Power:20 Watts (AU-360, AU-367) / 40 Watts (AU-380, AU-387)
Audible Signalling Voltage:25 VRMS (AU-360, AU-380) / 70 VRMS (AU-367, AU-387)
Operating Voltages:24-40 VDC
Operating Current:Battery Saver Stand-by Alarm
AU-360 / AU-367 0.006 A 0.17 A 1.2 A
AU-380 / AU-387 0.018 A 0.20 A 3.0 A
Frequency Response:400-4000Hz (25 VRMS models) / 800-2800Hz (70 VRMS models)
Alarm Tone:Slow Whoop
Optional tones available. Consult Factory.
Microphone:Noise cancelling, w/ push-to-talk switch.
Dimensions:4.75” W x 8.75” L x 3” D

When power is applied (24 VDC and 120 VAC) the green LED will light, indicating normal supervision. A fault in the speaker loop will be directly supervised by the FACP bell circuit. An internal fault in the AU-360 Series amplifier module will cause the green LED to go out and the yellow LED to light as well as causing a fault on the FACP bell circuit. The yellow and green LEDs become modulation indicators when the microphone paging is utilized. They will flash on and off, indicating peaks in the voice paging source.

120 VAC Supervision circuitry places the module into the Battery Saver

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