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AU-500 Series Quadra-Tone Signals

The Signal Communications AU-500 Series Quadra-Tone Signals are high performance electronic horns capable of producing high decibel tones. Designed for industrial applications including fire alarm, emergency warning, plant evacuation, security notification, process monitoring, shift

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  • Comply with NFPA 72 & 101
  • 1 to 4 Tones per Unit Wail, Hi-Lo, Whoop & Horn
  • Up to 110 dBA @ 10 ft
  • AC or DC Powered Models
  • Remote Tone Selection Capability
  • Built-in Priority Signaling
  • Indoor / Outdoor Applications
Listings:AU-502: UL Listed for Fire Alarm Service
AU-501, -503, -504: UL Listed for General Signaling
Output:Up to 110 dBA @ 10 ft. (variation based upon frequency)
Input:Voltage Alarm Current Standby Current
AU-501:12 VDC0.4 A (DC)0.02 A (DC)
24 VDC0.7 A (DC)0.04 A (DC)
AU-503:120 VAC0.3 A (AC)0.04 A (AC)
AU-504:240 VAC0.15 A (AC)0.02 A (AC)
Housing:Cast Aluminum Alloy
Projector:Spun Aluminum Reentrant Horn
Finish:Baked Grey Epoxy
5 1/4 lbs.
Temperature:-310 to 1580F (-350 to 700C)
Conduit Fitting Size: 1/2” NPT
Signal Selection Description Frequency Repetition Rate
Whoop:Ascending Low to High Low Tone - 400 Hz 48 cycles/minute
High Tone:850 Hz
Wail:Conventional Siren 400 Hz - 1,100 Hz 24 cycles/minute
Hi-Lo:Alternating High and Low Low Tone - 650 Hz 24 cycles/minute
* Horn:Steady Tone 630 Hz Continuous
* Horn may be keyed for coding applications.

The AU-502 can be powered from either a continuous or a switchable 24 VDC power source. By powering the AU-502 from a switchable 24 VDC source minimum power consumption during quiescent periods can be maintained. In addition, the AU-502 24 VDC power input is polarity sensitive allowing connection to be supervised by a polarity reversing source (i.e. NAC).

The AU-503 and AU-504 are normally wired to a continuous source of AC, with selection wired into the unit to select the desired tone.

Tone selection to the AU-500 Series can be permanently wired (via jumper) inside the unit to produce a single tone upon activation, or can be remotely controlled using dry relay contacts, allowing multiple tones to be selected based on alarm./emergency conditions.

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