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DVS-511 and DVS-512 Amplified Speakers

The DVS-511 and DVS-512 are UL Listed Amplified Speakers for use in industrial paging and fire alarm evacuation applications. Listed for Life Safety / Fire Alarm use the DVS-511 is powered by 24 VDC and accepts a 25 VRMS (70 VRMS optional) audio input. The DVS-512 is Listed for General Signaling applications and is powered by 120 VAC. The DVS-511 24 VDC input is polarity protected for use with polarity reversing power supplies and supervision voltages.

  • Online Certifications Directory
  • Online Certifications Directory

  • 108 dBA @ 10 ft.
  • Low Input Current Draw
  • Clear Audio Reproduction
  • High Level Input
    • 25 VRMS (70 VRMS opt.)
  • Input Polarity Protected
  • Low Audio Line Load
DVS-511:UL Listed for Fire, CSFM
DVS-512:UL Listed General Signaling, CSFM
Temperature:32° to 120°F
Humidity:30% to 85% RH
Signal Input:25 VRMS (70 VRMS optional)
Audio Line Load:.064 W (25 VRMS)
.175 W (70 VRMS)
Output:108 dBA @ 10 ft.
(UL - 102 dBA)
Signal Frequency:800 to 2800 Hz.
Input Empedance:10K Ohms
Weight:8 lbs.
Housing:Cast Aluminum Alloy
Speaker:Spun Aluminum Reentrant Horn

The DVS-511 and DVS-512 are typically used to provide high audio level in harsh environments with high ambient noise levels, without the need for running high power audio lines great distances.

Powered by a local 24 VDC battery backed-up power supply that can be switched on during the emergency, the DVS-511 can produce a high level of audio when needed, but draw minimum current when not in use.

The DVS-511 and DVS-512 incorporate sealed cast aluminum housings allowing them to be utilized indoors or outdoors.

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