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VECP-25/50 Voice Evac Control Panel

The VECP Series Voice Evacuation Control Panel contains a state-of-the-art 25 or 50 Watt high efficiency digital power amplifier for use in life safety applications. The VECP-25 and VECP-50 are packed with options to enhance the voice evacuation package and to significantly increase the ease of installation.

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  • Online Certifications Directory

  • Compatible with all FACPs
    • Conventional & Addressable
  • 25 or 50 Watts of Audio Power
  • 4 Supervised Speaker Circuits
    • Class A or B, Field Selectable
  • 25 or 70 VRMS Speaker Circuits, Field Selectable
  • Output Level Indication
  • Activation via Voltage or Contact Closure
  • 60 seconds of Pre-recorded Voice Messaging
    • Fire & Weather Emergencies Standard
  • Auxiliary Audio Input
  • System Test Button
  • Enclosure Mounts Surface or Semi-Flush
    • Field Reversible Cabinet Hinge
Listings:UL, CSFM
Output Power:25 Watts VECP-25
50 Watts VECP-50
Operating Voltage:24 VDC Nominal
Frequency Response:250-4200 Hz
Microphone:Supervised, Internal w/PTT Switch
Digital Message Capacity:60 Seconds
Message Select Inputs:Two 24 VDC Reverse Polarity (NAC) Inputs (A & B)
Two Contact Closure Inputs (1 & 2)
Speaker Circuits:4 Class A or B, Field Selectable
Speaker Circuit Output:25 Watts maximum per Circuit
Speaker Circuit Voltage:25 or 70 VRMS, Field Selectable
Speaker Circuit EOLR:10K
Cabinet Dimensions:15 3/4”h x 20”w x 5”d
Cabinet:Red Surface or Semi-Flush Mount Enclosure
w/Field Reversible Cabinet Hinge

Diagnostic meter bars which indicate speaker load or signal levels on the audio channels, plug in terminal connections and an installer’s system test button make the VECP one of the most installer friendly panels on the market. SigCom’s intelligent overload protection feature limits the output power to a maximum preset level, thus protecting the panel without disconnecting the load and disabling the evacuation system.

VECP Series Voice Evacuation Control Panels are uniquely designed and equipped to comply with the requirements of UFC 4-021-01: Design and O&M for Mass Notification Systems. Mass Notification is the ability to provide real-time information to all building occupants and all persons within the immediate vicinity of the building during emergency situations. The overriding intent of these systems is to reduce the risk of mass casualty by providing a timely means of hazard notification and then instruction on how to respond. In order to give response instructions both pre-recorded and live voice messaging is required.

The Voice Evacuation Control Panel (VECP) shall be a Signal Communications Corporations Model VECP-25, VECP-50 or approved equal. The system shall be UL Listed as an emergency voice alarm/communications system. The VECP shall be microprocessor based and shall employ a high efficiency Class "D" amplifier, which shall provide undistorted 25(50) Watt sine power. The VECP shall include an integral digital message repeater capable of storing 60 seconds of pre-recorded voice/tone messages, and an auxiliary audio paging system interface. In addition, the VECP shall be capable of being utilized daily for paging applications [where authorized by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ)] while remaining supervised. Activation of the VECP shall be via two (2) reverse polarity (NAC) inputs and/or two (2) supervised contact closures. Receipt of a reverse polarity input shall activate a Primary (Fire) Message Sequence, while receipt of a contact closure input shall activate a Secondary (Weather, etc) Message Sequence, with the Primary Message Sequence having priority over the Secondary Message Sequence. The VECP shall be equipped with 4 speaker circuits, field selectable for Class "A" or "B" operation. To aide in system diagnostics the VECP shall be equipped with a Diagnostic Meter Bar(s) for voltage and power monitoring.

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