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WinPatrol Software

WinPatrol is a Windows based application, designed specifically for highway emergency dispatching. WinPatrol interfaces with the Vision 21 System Processor, enabling the versatility and power of a PC to provide extended information and efficient call processing.

  • Complete Dispatching Center when integrated with Vision 21
  • Detailed location information for each call
  • Automatic event logging for Call & Agent activity
  • Automatic Agent rotation & recommendation
  • Ability for dispatcher to record notes and motorist information
  • Configurable access restriction to program options
  • Extensive report capabilities
  • Communications software for wide area installations
  • Designed specifically for highway applications

Calls can be manually initiated or automatically generated through the Vision 21 Call Box system. WinPatrol automatically generates an incident number for the call and logs all call data, including the time and date for the start and end of a call, as well as the dispatch, arrival and completion times for each of the assigned agents. Based on the call’s location and the type of assistance requested, WinPatrol provides a rotating list of appropriate agents to dispatch for the call, In addition to the predefined data, WinPatrol provides the means to record notes and detailed motorist information for each call.

All call and agent related actions are recorded in a log file. WinPatrol uses these log files to generate extensive reports based on all aspects of the call, including call box, highway, area, time, date and agent. Log files can be retrieved remotely via a modem for systems with multiple dispatch locations. This allows logged data to be archived and reports generated at a single location.

Windows XP or newer
Pentium III, 350 MHz
128 MB Ram
20 MB free disk space
RS-232 Serial port (for Vision 21 connection)

56 Kbs modem
Sound Card
Parallel Printer - continuous paper feed
Parallel Printer - single sheet feed

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